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    On android this game is hard. What is a good average score say for epic quest or sorcerers lair on an average game? I look at the high scores posted on the tables and cant believe the scores are really achievable.

    My highest for Sorcerers lair is 26 million but that sounds terrible compared to the scores in the high score tables. Is there something I am missing or doing wrong here. This game plays great on a tablet. Bought about 18 tables yet cannot score BIG.

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    Hmm, I got similar high-scores, but it's hard to say something, because I'm begineer.

    Anyway, in my opinion it's just about Android version.
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      You got to keep at it. There are quite a few good scoring opportunities on each table, but it requires a lot of time, patients and skill.

      On Sorcerer's Lair, it's collecting the spirit stones and starting Midnight Madness mode. Spirit Stones are collected by completing the missions in the game, while Midnight Madness mode is the final mission (aka wizard mode) in the game. The Midnight Madness mode is a 30 second bonus scoring round. Everything is lit and you can get millions, plus you get a huge bonus on the number of spirit stones that you've collected. It's not too hard to score a billion on the table.

      On Epic Quest, you need to build up your experience level. The experience level carries over to each game. Every battle you win and every mission you complete will increase your experience. The higher your experience level is, the higher the jackpot score values are on the multiball modes. If you max out the experience (level 99), then the jackpot value is at 10 million points and the super jackpot is double that IIRC. If you take advantage of the Princess Wheel bonuses, you can light up a few additional jackpot lanes and really inflate your score. I have over a billion point on the table and my experience is only at level 40. Just image what I would get if I can max out the experience level.

      Keep in mind that some of the top scores could be hacks. There are a lot of cheaters on the mobile/tablet devices.