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Mode idea for Zen Pinball

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  • Mode idea for Zen Pinball

    My kids and I play this game where we race to a score. So I thought to myself "I bet this would make a cool mode for future releases. I wonder if the forums have an ideas section. I wonder what the community would think".

    So here I am.

    The idea is pretty simple; two players start a table at the same time and must race to get a certain score or to a time limit (highest score wins). I thought this could work well on either split screen or online play with you being able to observe the other player's table as well as your own (but, obviously, only hear sound from yours). It's a good way to see how other people play and a fun, alternate challenge.

    The way we play is to go into Operator mode and set the number of balls nice and high. For an "official" version I'd imagine you'd just give people unlimited balls but have a score penalty for losing one (in addition to the inevitable loss of multiplier).

    What do you guys think? Cool idea? Crap idea?