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3ds Max Pinball Sim maker/game using thinking particles

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  • 3ds Max Pinball Sim maker/game using thinking particles

    here is the cut and paste description:

    Pinball Pro for 3dsmax is the first pinball game inside 3dsmax. You can download it here:
    Using the news implemented on 3dsmax viewport, and the power of Thinking Particles rule based system and bullet physics we can enjoy a real time interactive game without moving from 3dsmax!
    PinballPro its a complete and high detailed 3d Pinball model, with 2 versions. One where plays automatically using AI inside TP, where you can modify wathever you want, no keys, all procedural! The second one is a game, play with your keyboard, activate the flips, move the table, shoot the ball.
    Use Pinball Pro to learn Thinking Particles, lots of dynamic sets with explanations creating diferent things like procedural moves, bullet physics, turboboost, bouncers, a point system based in collisions, sparks, AI,....
    And forget about rendering! All you see in this video is viewport screencaptures, about 5 seconds per frame for a FULLHD resolution or in realtime running at 30fps with a GTX 550