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Anyone knows how to play CS918S motion sensing game, and how about the settings?

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  • Anyone knows how to play CS918S motion sensing game, and how about the settings?

    ask:Anyone knows how to play CS918S motion sensing game, and how about the settings? It’s said it’s very interesting. Can anyone help me? And by the way, there are several ones selling on the Internet, such as CS918, CS918S, CS918II and CS928. Which one has the best quality? How about their manufacturers? Can I order them directly from the manufacturers?

    answer:Well, the motion sensing game is not free. But, you can buy password that can register. Actually, it’s not expensive. It only costs 2 dollars. But the manufacturer gives a temporary password for free .That is” Username: DEM048. Password:48.” You can play 48 hours and it is absolutely free. I’ll tell you how to play the game later.
    There are several ones available on the Internet, but which one has the best quality, CS918, CS918S, CS918II or CS928? Actually, for these products, they are produced by a Chinese company – Shenzhen Chuangsiqi Technology Co., Ltd. The website is sz-csq It’s a very professional company and the quality is fantastic. They made all the CS918 before December, 2013. But later, quite a lot of companies copied them. The current CS918 probably are not made by them. But CS918S, CS918II, and CS928 should be designed and manufactured by them. I’ve tested the quality which turned out to be excellent. It’s an Android TV BOX company that is really worth noticing. However, this company seems to have no website, instead, only the agencies sell the products.
    Here is the introduction of CS918S’ motion sensing game. Well, I made the conclusion all by myself. I’d like to share with you.

    User Guide of Motion Sensing Game

    Welcome to play CS918S Motion Sensing Game (Hereinafter referred to as MSG), the
    following is the process of playing MSG. After the device connects with Wi-Fi,
    1. Below icon will appear on the desktop screen:

    Click the icon you will see below game screen:

    3.Click “Registration “and input the User name and Password enclosed in the package
    to register. After user upgrade or refresh the device, click “Registration” the
    device can work directly.
    After successful registration,return to game screen, click the camera icon to setup
    the camera:
    Select 320*240,click Save to enter the game screen.

    4.On game screen, select the game you want to play by mouse or remote control,the
    best controlling distance is 2 meters to CS918S,change gestures in front of the
    camera, the screen will change accordingly and ssynchronously.

    5.The following are introductions of how to play the games:
    Take the game Ninja Fruit (Cut Fruit) as an example:

    Below are introductions for other games:

    After updating with new games, it cannot enter the games through Registration, how
    to fix the problem?

    1. This problem is because you upgraded the software by half only, not completely.
    Please follow below instructions to solve the problem: Click Update on the game
    scree’s top right corner, then update the registration, point to study and other
    software, to re-register with new user name “DEMO48” and password “48”.

    When the client first registered with net cable, because changes of the MAC address,
    previous registration will be invalid at next time, the solution as below:
    Input user name “csq” and password “123” in Registration.
    Press Menu button on the remote control
    Click “Login” on the “Administrator Login “screen
    Input user’s account again, then press “Menu”
    “Account management” screen will pop up
    Click “Later”
    You will see “Account Inquiry”
    Click “Reset”
    Click “Reset”

    Then return to the desktop screen and re-register.