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    This is my first post. I bought a VP Cabs virtual Pinball machine. While I enjoy the virtual pinball machines, the best feature is running steam and playing the Pinball FX2 games. They are amazing on this machine as you feel like you are playing a real pinball machine. Would love to see if FX2 could make some games that use the entire back glass of this machine as well. Right now, only the dot matrix displays on the back glass. Still it is incredible. I have spent over $100 on FX2 games. Would love to see the following themed games to spend more money on:

    1. Star Trek
    2. Indiana Jones
    3. StarGate
    4. The Mummy, Frakenstein, Werewolf, Dracula
    5. NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL
    6. Jurassiac Park


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    Welcome to the forums and thanks for the suggestions Those VP cabs are awesome!