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Pinball Heroes 100%- Yes, it is possible !

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  • Pinball Heroes 100%- Yes, it is possible !

    It was often discussed and puzzled over it, the mysterious Pinball Heroes (PSVita) 100%- trophy for collecting all the medals (also refered to as local awards or prizes) on every "Pinball Heroes"- table. Why has no one ever got this trophy even after more than 2 ┬╝ years after the release of the game ? Has something similar ever happened ? Is it really so insanely difficult to get this trophy that not even a single player, also none of the pinball experts, has ever achieved the extraordinary feat of unlocking it ? Or is it just impossible to collect all the medals due to bugs or glitches ? Will the trophy perhaps not be unlocked even after collecting all the medals ? No, nothing of this is true !
    Today, I can joyfully proclaim that one of the greatest mysteries of trophy hunting history has been solved ! Since a certain German pinball wizard named heinz70 has succeeded after a long struggle in collecting the last medal he was still missing in Pinball Heroes on the PSVita and therefore furnished proof that unlocking the 100%- trophy is possible ! The only medal I was still missing until yesterday was the last medal in the list on the "Everybody┬┤s Golf"- table, for which you have to reach the "putting green" via a super skillshot. Sadly, it was not mentioned anywhere in the internal game instructions that there is a skillshot on this table altogether and no one seemed to know that on the internet and the PSN, too. But yesterday, I figured it out, got the last medal and subsequently the trophy was unlocked .
    I had already planned it for several months that this trophy should be my ten thousandth trophy and prepared accordingly for that. You think it might be rather risky to invest a lot of time in this endeavor without having a proof of not wasting this time ? Well, you can look at it this way, but I have actually never had doubts that unlocking this trophy is possible. Then, after beating the "Fat Princess"- table 100% on the 14th of August during the longest pinball game of my pinball career, I was finally convinced of it: Yes, it is possible to unlock the 100%- trophy and it should be my ten thousandth trophy! Well, what should I say more: Now, it is exactly like that ! Luckily, I have taken a screenshot of that legendary moment:

    2015-10-29-234602 (1).jpg