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  • Characters and Quotes - Zen originals

    The licensed tables are all brilliantly designed and fun to play, but I keep going back to the originals more than the licenses If you play this game and read this forum, well then you will guess all of these tables correctly.

    "Bats! Your blindness doesn't scare me!"
    "Veni, Vidi, Vici"
    "The book of tales respects your effort, you've got more time"
    "Hit the Jersey Devil!"
    "Go! Dig up some treasure!"
    "Dive! Dive!"
    "Engine ignited"
    "Whisper isn't here yet"
    "Are you a knight, or merely a squire?"
    "Viiii kings!"
    "Light the fuses, men, and blow 'em to smithereens!"

    For characters, as much as everyone loves the Epic Quest guy, I think the Aussie shark rules.

    What are your favorite sound bites, and original characters?