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Xbox Adaptive Controller potential.

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  • Xbox Adaptive Controller potential.

    Just thought I'd bring this to peoples attention. Microsoft have developed the Xbox Adaptive Controller mainly aimed at disabled players. Being disabled myself (I can use a normal controller just fine) I see this as a big move forward in accessiblity for all but I can also see the potential for even able bodied players to easily make their own custom controllers, for example if you wanted to make a pinball controller with traditional layout all you would need to do is obtain a set of arcade style buttons etc. and connect each to a 3.5mm jack via cable and plug each into the Adaptive controller and mount the buttons in a pincab or a pincab style case. This achievable because every button input on a standard controller is addressed on the back of the Adaptive contoller via a 3.5mm socket.

    More info &

    I'm sure this is going to be quite a popular item especially among the modding community. So has anyone got any other ideas for this?
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    Hey DepecheM101! Thanks for the recommendation, we are sure it will be helpful for lots of people.


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      Originally posted by Chieli View Post
      Hey DepecheM101! Thanks for the recommendation, we are sure it will be helpful for lots of people.
      Good on Microsoft for developing something like this. I have a friend who is disabled and I'll most certainly bring this to his attention.
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        Xbox Adaptive Controller potential

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          With the help of Netgear Router Support you can easily can set all the panels and the control settings and with that, you can Go all the advanced level settings of the Xbox Adaptive controller potential.