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SUGGESTION: Make credits real!

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  • SUGGESTION: Make credits real!

    Hello folks,

    Here's a suggestion for the game...

    Why not make in game credits a real thing, so that when you win a credit during a game, or as a match after a game, you can use them to play tables you haven't bought yet.

    The trial mode for tables is great, but the short amount of demo time doesn't really allow enough time to suss out the table and get addicted to it.

    If you could earn credits in other games, and then spend them to play on locked tables it'd allow you to better evaluate a new table and would give an incentive for winning credits during a game.

    At the moment, when you hear the "crack" of winning a credit, you get that adrenaline rush and then realise that you don't actually get anything. On a real machine a credit was a real reward as you earned a free game and saved yourself 10p (or 10c)… Make that rush real