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  • WARRIORS pinball!

    ZEN - you need to make a Warriors pinball table, i think it would be absolutely fantastic. this is a great story that would work as a tble. the bast tables are about a journey or an adventure of some kind, thats what this film is, there are loads or gangs, music , soundbytes, stages in the films, that would all work fantastic as a table.
    remember the dj in the film, you just saw her lips speaking and warning the warriors as they were tryoing to cross the city, well you could animated that on the dot matrix screen! there are so many ideas that would work here, i hope you read this and see the potential in this idea.
    let me know what you think.
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    That's a good idea - we'll see what happens.


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      Originally posted by Solitude View Post
      That's a good idea - we'll see what happens.
      man, thanks for the response.
      being a big pinball fan, as soon as i thought of "warriors pinball" i knew it was a good idea and i knew you would like it!!
      please let me know of any developments regarding this table, and if it would be a valid project.
      Antony, Manchester.


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        "Warriors... Come out to play-eee-aaaa. Warriors, come out to play-eee-aaaa." I would definitely play this game as long as we get the most annoying person in the world to say this line and loop it throughout the entire game. Don't forget to include the sound of empty beer bottles clinking together.
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