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Off topic: 1UP arcade units.!!

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  • Off topic: 1UP arcade units.!!

    I don’t know where else to post this, and I appreciate r/pinball wisdom more than any other similar place.

    I’ve seen the 1UP mini arcade machines (3/4 size I think, 17” LCD) for $200-$350. I really like them, for what they are,

    Can anyone comment on their experience with one? Do they seem reliable, or are they more disposable? What’s your overall take on them? I’ve been looking at the Galaga/Galaxian one. As much as I’d love to have an original, I just don’t have the space for one.

    Thanks in advance.reverse phone lookupnba reddit pcpartpicker
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    They are pretty good from what I've heard and what I've played (store demonstrations). Make sure to pick up a riser (heavy-duty base) while you're at it. This will raise up the machine another foot, which will make it feel more like a real arcade machine.


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      Love the new Marvel one, dont know about durability ( but it think you can mod them quite easily with a Pi and arcade parts ). A friend of mine bought one that was offered cheap, but it was defective, white lcd screen, which seemed like a common problem when googling. It was one of the first ones though.
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        The only Arcade1UP I had issues with was the Asteroids one, which was one of the first cabs, the PCB didn't work from the start, but the others have been holding up pretty well. I usually pick them up when they are on sale, anywhere from $75-$150 especially with Black Friday/holidays approaching.