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Custom Xbox 360 pinball controller

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  • Custom Xbox 360 pinball controller

    New user here. This is my first post. I wanted to share my pinball controller that I just finished.

    Here is a link to the original thread where I initiallly posted it. Originally it was for Pinball Hall of Fame Williams Collection, but found that it is also works great for Zen Pinball FX 2, and have been downloading all the tables today. Can't wait to get gaming on it on my next day off.

    I know it may seem like a lot of effort to make a controller for 1 game, but if you think of it, it is mountain's cheaper and more space conscience than buying and maintaining 12 or so pinball tables.

    I hacked a PSP-1000 analog and a authentic Happ pinball plunger to a Madcatz 4716 pad. The controller is really big, it is a combination of having the approximate width of a pinball machine and the space needed to hack the plunger.

    A few angles of the controller

    My Wiring

    On the left of the PCB the prototype board with screw terminals is just a terminal block I made because I didn't want to go to radio shack to get a Eurostyle terminal strip. used to connect the PSP analog stick.

    The left Analog is used in the game for nudging the table. In real pinball this tactic is used if so you can change the ball trajectory slight to try to avoid a drain or some the reason. To mount the PSP analog I drilled a 3/4 in hole in the top panel and underneath I picked up I think a 1 1/8 forstner and went about 3/16 inch deep, then a smaller bit for 16th for the bottom of the analog that sits lower than the mounting holes that go off on the sides. I then drilled a 1/8 inch hole for the wires to feed through.

    Hacking the Analog sticks. I hope these pictures are self explanitory. Just solder. The image with the stick shows the analog in correct orientation.

    Pictures of the Plunger Assembly

    Here is a video:

    For those curious about the Joystick, I used a compact joystick available on, but it is a piece of trash and don't recommend it you are better off using buttons. Put a Yellow Sanwa Balltop on it. I bought it out of curiosity and this is the only thing I think it is suitable for. the joystick body screws on like a Happ button and on the bottom the microswitches slide on to 2 upside down L shaped notches on the bottom of the plastic cylinder. The switches are mounted sort of wobbly so the engage distances constantly are inconsistent and diagonals cannot always be hit due to this. Works fine for menu navigation.

    Originally I had the player 1 button on front mapped to start, but instead I mapped it to "A" because the games are actually started with the "A" button.

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    man, i thought i was a pinball anthusiast! you are crazy man!
    that wicked cool that controller though. well done mate.


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      Great job man...that is pretty awesome. Just attach to any 46" or greater TV and pow a world of pinball.

      How is the weight when it sits on the table?
      I aint got no skills, I just smack the ball for a while...LOL! ;-)


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        Fantastic job


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            The custom Xbox 360 pinball controller is one of the coolest controllers I have seen. The Xbox 360 pinball is the perfect replacement for a conventional pinball machine. Playing this game gives you an authentic feel of a pinball machine, but with the facilities of a video game. The controls are designed in such a way that it feels like you are playing a real pinball machine. You can play the game 1 on 1 or against the computer. The game features dynamic scoring and a valid shot counter. It features 6 different tables to choose from. These different tables are Looter, Family Guy, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Learn to Fly, Chop Suicide, and Excalibur. Your goal is to score as many points as possible and advance to the next level. The graphics are great and the sound is amazing. The art work is very good and it is obvious that time and effort was put into every detail. The music consists of famous songs from the 70's which are used as soundtracks for each table. The music fits into the action of the game very well.