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  • I'm looking for some friends

    I got my xbox360+Kinect last Christmas and only recently hooked it up and registered with xboxlive (like, a month ago). I didn't start buying/playing games and such until about, oh say... 3 weeks ago and none of my actual friends find virtual pinball appealing.

    Since PFX2 is pretty much based around friends and people and all that good stuff, I can't help but feel a tad lonely when I see my leaderboard.
    Just me. Me and my sad little score sitting at the top of board.
    And I've gotta say, I'd much rather rank last on the list of a few 'friends' than be first on the list of one 'me'.

    Pathetic, eh?
    Me and myself thought so too

    Let's be friends!

    Think about it: one more friend is even more points added to your Superscore. I'll try may darnedest to score as high as I possibly can just for you!

    So, whaddya say? Hm?
    Help me to help you
    Help me to help YOU

    Yes, it may be sympathy-seeking, sarcastic overkill,
    but the intention is true
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      Thanks! I finally got me some friends
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