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Greetings from Lodan: The Silver Dragon

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  • Greetings from Lodan: The Silver Dragon

    well I guess it's time I make a introduction post about myself. As well as put everything here about myself that I shouldn't post in other topics (leaving my posts as short as possible in such topics).

    I am Lodan: The Silver Dragon (at least as I like to announce myself as my internet presence), and I have only actually been playing Pinball FX2 since I got the Core Table Pack for 400MSP on 11/28/2011 during the Black Friday Sale Week. And since have bought 2 more tables; Ms Splosion-Man and Sorcerer's Lair, bringing the total I've spent on this game to a measly 880MSP (I gotta devote more money to Zen for providing such a lovely game). And now I've actually spent more time playing Pinball FX2 than any other game I have for the XBox 360, most of which is spent playing Ms Splosion-Man.
    I currently don't have a job and I live with my parents at the age of 32. It's not something I'm proud of, but it's also something I don't even try to hide anymore. I am 6'7" tall and weigh over 440lbs.

    Edit (12/19/2010): My RL Friend bought me a 90-day Game Time Code for World of Warcraft and a Winged Guardian Mount essentially as a Christmas present but also to let him have access to my Leatherworker and Jewelcrafter. And it turns out I still spend more time playing Pinball FX2 than WoW. Also I have gotten 2 ppl from my guild to try out Pinball FX2, maybe they'll end up buying tables. As of today, the total time I've spent on World of Warcraft since I reactivated my account, I have been logged in to both Pinball FX2 and WoW at the same time, and Pinball FX2 even longer. I think I'm obsessed with Pinball FX2 now...
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    Beat Ms Splosion-Man Wizard Mode on 12/15/2011
    Beat Sorcerer's Lair Wizard Mode on 12/17/2011