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    No idea why it took me time to register here but now i have. I'm a Xbox player since end of august 2011. Happened to notice the free Paranormal Table when that came and just had to try it out. Going on and off about if i should get more or not time went by and wow 3 packs half price shows up. I bought them without any hesitation and been insanely in love since playing all the tables more than a few times..

    Can't play as much as I'd want to but making sure to get some quality pinball hours in every now and then. Currently sitting on 1310/1400 and can't wait to get 1400 and to really start going for the high scores and to get to experience more new good tables ofc.

    Much love for the game and for what seems to be a really nice community.

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    Welcome m8, awesome work on the Achievements so far m8. Which Achievements haven't you attained yet?

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      Ultimo ofc best is 8/10 so far but most end around 4-5
      Blade which I haven't really gotten into the table yet. Tried it a couple of times only but looking forward to dive into it at some point.
      THOR!! i've reached that wizard mode more times than i dare to count (50+), a couple of times i've been down to the most simple thing to lock the balls but i fail at it, Hardest for me here isn't to hit the shots that i can do but but i always lose my balls when trying to get them to lay down on the flippers after the shot that's where i fail 99% of the time.

      The 3 hardest from what i can gather so expecting to be stuck for a while, if only i could nail Loki so i could get that out of my head.
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