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  • Gudday :)

    I haven't played pinball since Elvira, so when I saw the demo sitting in the US store, I had to try it out to see how much it took me back to those excellent games like Adams Family etc. What struck me immediately was the realism of the physics of the thing. The way the flippers flip, the bounce of the metal ball against certain angles speaks to me of the hard work & the love that Zen's team have poured into these five tables. I have spent thousands of hours playing PB, yet these tables are better than the real thing. Aside from saving me god knows how much money, the online facet brings a whole new scope to the genre. The games are so realistic one wonders if Zen used real table designers on these games. I suppose the physical machines are designed on computer first nowadays anyways, so one ties into the other. Nice ones Zen, I look forward to the next five tables worth which fingers crossed are in production now.
    Addendum: I'd love to see some classic tables made available as dlc! What do you think?

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