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  • Zen Pinball 2 No 1080p

    Hello, ; Having anxiously awaiting the new release of Zen Pinball, I could not wait to download and start playing, especially with the foretold resolution of 1080p. I am only getting 780p on all tables. The graphics are somwhat better than the original which was also 780p. I have other PS3 games than run fine on 1080p as well as the browser screen, but as soon as Zen opens up, I see it drop to 780p...??? Went through numerous forums and threads and I guess I am the only one with this problem. It is not my 60" HDTV nor the PS3 console, therefore I must have downloaded and installed improperly. I had 8 tables from the original Zen Pinball and I think I got confused over the importing bit. I downloaded the full version of each table which was free since I already had the originals, I do not remember seeing an unlock being installed but I do have the full game of each-just not the resolution. It did install the patch but maybe I have too many installs of the same game but in both demo version, full version and yes, the unlock. I did not import my tables over. Maybe I shopuld delete all and start over??? What is the proper way of installing the new tables? Import or download the full game and or demo?
    Yes, I know, what a confusing mess I got into because of my excitement and impatience:confused, :. Simply looove those tables, will get the rest as soon as I clear up my mess.
    Thanks All and Happy Gaming!

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    Zen Pinball 2 only runs on 720p because of the 3D support. 3D games can only run on 720p. If Zen made the game 1080p, then they would have to make a separate version of the game to support it.

    Take a look at Sonic Generations. The game runs at over 8GB according to the PSN. Yet, the Xbox 360 version only runs on 4GBs. That's because their are two separate versions of the game for the PS3. A 720p version with 3D support and a separate version for 1080p users.


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      Thanks For The Reply

      Hey Shogun00, thank you for your reply. I can rest and enjoy the games now without wondering what went wrong with the download. The error, or misconception, is the advertisement for the new Zen Pinball 2, where it does mention 1080p graphics. No biggie though, it still looks and plays fantastic on 720p, just a bit larger. My wife loves Plants vs Zombies though she is not a computer or console person. I purchased the PS3 just for the Zen Pinball and as stupid as it might sound, I will purchase Windows 8 just for the same reason-that is on 1080p as I already run the release preview.
      Thanks again, Happy Gaming