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Out lanes Are The Bane of my Pinball existence

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  • Out lanes Are The Bane of my Pinball existence

    Well hello everybody

    Just wondering all you super pinball guys who get a gazzillion points : Do you play the same tables as everyone else , you know , the ones with a gap between the flippers and out lanes.. and those peg bumper things at the sharp corners of adjacent ramps that ricochet the ball close to the speed of light directly down the out lanes without even touching sides .. haha

    At least I can say Im king of pinball in one regard .. ball drain

    First post here so just having some fun. Loving the new star wars tables and only started playing zens tables in December. I just need three more tables then I own them all (PS3) .. So sad we cant get the XBox 4pack with Rome , Secrets of the deep etc.

    Ps.. does anybody have info on how to do the Jedi Training on ESB? Im clueless , How are you supposed to react to that lazer ball gun .. unless you actually need Ninja Jedi reflexes .. cause then im screwed.

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    Welcome to the forums, very cool around here. I think there is a post on this in the SW section from just two days ago. Turns out its easy once you know how. I think its hold L1 or R1 then press X just before contact. Hope this helps.


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      Cool I read the post in SW section now , will give it a go later today and see if I get it right.

      Thanks for the greets