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My 1st post & I've got an issue

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  • My 1st post & I've got an issue

    Hello, I've had the Zen Pinball app for a few months and really liked the Sorcerers Lair table that came with it. A friend strongly recommended the Star Wars tables and eventually downloaded them. I then saw the various Marvel superhero tables and decided to download those as well. The main problem though is I did the downloads on my iPad, but however, they're not highlighted on my iPhone, which seems to indicate that I'd have to make double purchases for each table, and I certainly don't want to do that. Both devices show my handle when I activate the Zen P-Ball app. I'm wondering if there's some kind of problem with the app or some kind of other glitch. Please help with this problem.

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    The ZP app only comes with Sorcerer's Lair included. You have to download all the other tables. Hit the restore purchases icon in the main menu. It looks like a shopping cart. Then enter your itunes password. If you have more than one itunes account, make sure you use the one that you used to originally purchase the tables. And welcome to the forums.


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      Welcome to the forums, sabrecliff28! And thanks for helping out, surf!


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        I finally have the tables on my iPhone. Thanks big time!