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Hi! I'm Ruchie!

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  • Hi! I'm Ruchie!

    Ummm...well let's see....where should I
    OH! Well I'm into games that require rhythm and all that music stuff (but kick beat is hard...even on normal...I have to keep training). I have very good rhythm (I can do the cup song #swag). Well Kick Beat brought me here and I like fourms with communities and all that fun stuff....
    Hmm....what else should I talk had a lucid dream the other night....
    Oh....I'm 14 for those who want to know....I just started high school.
    I'm not really nervous....I know how to work these types of fourms so I'm not that much of a noob :P

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    Hi Ruchie! Welcome to the forums!

    Feel free to ask if you ever need anything, our forum members are super helpful and friendly