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Hello and Welcome!

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  • Hello and Welcome!

    If you are new to the Zen Studios forums - Welcome! We hope you enjoy it here. I just wanted to post a note to say that I am here to answer questions and offer help, so feel free to ask if you need help or send me a message if you need something. We have also updated our forum rules, so before posting please take a look. These essentially just say to be respectful of others, don't cheat, don't harass. Pretty basic stuff but please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

    Thanks and have fun!


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    Hi Barbie

    I did post a thread but did not get a decent answer and have generally looked around, but cannot seem to get some decent knowledge on what I need to know. So I thought I would go to the source so to speak. I have FX3 on pc and cannot seem to figure out how to use the wizard powers (specifically on Skyrim as I haven't got far on others). I have maxed out all challenges, though on Wizard powers it says I am still on lvl 1, so I assume I can level the wizard power more, but I am unsure how to do it. Also the control on PC to actually use the wizard power. If could find this out I would enjoy the pinball a lot more, as I am scoring on Skyrim pretty well now (200 mill) and I need the knowledge to go that bit further. Mind you, uninstalled normal games so I wouldn't spend so much time playing games and thought I wouldn't spend so much time on pinball, but have become a little bit obsessed with Skyrim!

    Love your pinballs! Just like the real thing! apart from the cigarette smoke, the grotty floors, the irate deli owner, dealing pot out the front of the shop, my mate putting his knee into the pinball front panel when the ball drains, shooting the DEATH STAR with one second to go (still a major achievement in my life), arrr those were the days! (do you have that on the VR version), sorry got a bit distracted. Hope you can help.


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      Hello and Welcome

      Looks lovely and clean. Welcome. Look forward to meeting you, we have a little gathering this weekend as it happens.

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