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Saying Hello and Where do I post Game Issues?

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  • Saying Hello and Where do I post Game Issues?

    Hey everyone. Long time pinballer. Even after a few years of seeing the same names in the top 5-10 highest scores, it blows my mind every time to see scores of 3 BILLION. WTF?! Awesome.

    I've been playing some split screen w a buddy lately and there are a few games, one in particular, where the score is covering the top flipper and it's almost impossible to see. Granted, it's not my ideal way to play but it's no fun for him to watch me whoop his ass for 30 minutes before His turn.

    The game of which I'm speaking is Sorcerer's Lair. Can someone direct me as to where I should post this issue?

    Also, feel free to friend me PSN/PS4 - DeezNutz3832. I'm not a 3billion guy but I do okay if anyone is interested in some friendly competition some time.

    Thanks for the help.