Hello there,

I'm a Zen Pinball newcomer for sure, having played my first table here in 2016. I can put a little asterisks to this statement though, as I won a code for the first Star Wars Pinball pack for Pinball FX2 on Xbox 360. However, I was utterly terrible at it, and gave up rather quickly.

Fast forward now to 2016, and I've been itching for some Force Awakens videogame action. I was *this* close to buying Disney Infinity on sale last week at Best Buy, when I stumbled across an article announcing these new Force Awakens tables. Despite being terrible in my limited time with Star Wars Pinball, I just had to have these.

I thought, great, I'll get them for Wii U this time! Wii U is my system of choice. Find out that they aren't coming to Wii U (or 3DS). Just sold my Xbox One, so no luck there, and I wasn't going to by this for my iPhone either. I felt stuck. Then I remembered that I do still have my Xbox 360 still, would just need to plug it in again. Last time I played 360 the initial loading was horrendous though. The system/dashboard is starting to show its age.

Then I remembered, DUH, I have a Playstation TV . I got it for $50 w/ controller for the sole purpose of playing Super Star Wars again and anything else that came along. I was good to go then, just needed to wait a week now.

I think I re-read the announcement blog post like 5 times until I finally scrolled down to see that there was an American Dad! table. You have to be kidding me, right? American Dad had long been my favorite show -until I discovered The Office-, but certainly my 2nd favorite show by a country mile. Downloaded the Balls of Glory pack and played it for a week straight until Force Awakens tables finally. I'll be revisiting American Dad (and trying the other 3 tables haha) very soon but have been very pleased with these new Star Wars tables. I may even go back a pick up some old tables too now. I'm getting a lot better, able to get high scores and reach Wizard Mode and get a few trophies as well.

Anyways, long story short: Love the American Dad table; can't believe it exists to be honest. Love The Force Awakens tables, and uhhh, please make a table for The Office. Kickstart it or something and I'll pledge $100 haha.

PSN ID - Kraigbot