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Hiya,everybody! How's it spinning?

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  • Hiya,everybody! How's it spinning?

    Hiya,everybody!How's it spinning? I'm a 46 yr. old woman who looooooooves whackin' balls....playing pinball!Get your mind outta the gutter guys.LOL I've been playing since I was a lil' girl.So,I'm an ol' pro.I have a lot of great memories playing pinball and real fun times...I still do!Pinball never gets old.Last year my husband and I went to the Siverball Museum in Asbury Park,NJ. (my home state-now livin' in Oklahoma).I think it's awesome what Zen Studios are doing with pinball in a virtual world now. I truly believe Pinball is a lost artform but,I think it's making a comeback,due to a part of Zen Studios. I play on Xbox. My XBOX Gamertag is RocketQueen71 . If you're on there stop by and say hello.If you're competitive like I am,you'll challenge to a game! Would like that. I also broadcast on TWITCH and MIXER: RocketQueen71 . I have a YouTube Channel: Rocket Queen71 . I'm looking forward to being involved in this community and. hopefully,get to play with some of you! GAME ON! SPIN ON!ROCK ON!