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  • NewGuy with Company Sponsored Cabinets!

    Hey wow..this platform is AWESOME!
    We got both a stand up cab and pinball cab

    I can figure out how to get pinball working,
    but how to get the Cab going? I can get credits registered on the coin-op games... Like Time Traveler, but dont' know how to get Player 1 to work or if there is another button to push for getting the game to start?

    Also Stand-up Cab doesn't have a volume control? it's weak..grrr..

    Both systems...have something with certain games that won't load..I get a steam sign-on message with a 1 character password already loaded...

    It's ZenPinball and a 4 digit number.

    the pinball has Deadpool listed but won't load, the standup cab has deadpool but it's quiet.

    Cheers for any assistance.

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    Hey NavCub! Thanks for your questions! Can you please help us with elaborate your issue a little bit more? What kind of cabinet you have? Where did you buy it from? Thanks in advance!