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  • Hallo people

    We are two italian brothers super fan of pinball FX and FX 2, we also played 3d minigolf but... the emotion we lived and are living with pinball tables, never lived since knew it! Spectacular awesome, we are very happy to have finally a real simulation of real pinballs, and also the add effects are really wonderful.

    No other words, our tag is nstsfn on xbox360, sorry if can t accept new friends, but since pinball fx 2 we had received too much requests and now we have full friend list. Not more than 100

    We had finish all achievements

    ...and are waiting next new tables!!! i Hope will be all i seen. Paranormal, Mars, Marvel comic, Tesla, Ninja gaiden.

    I hope zen pinball community will be little by little ever more bigger.... and in future server playstation and xbox will be one for all customers and users players.

    bye bye, see on fx 2 matchmaking
    ... or tournments when will be available.