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Hello from the UK!

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  • Hello from the UK!

    I've been reading these forums for a while so decided to finally make a post and say hello!

    I'm from UK and been playing pinball (real ones) for as long as I can remember (over 30 years) and virtually for about 5 years. I mainly play Pinball FX 3 on my Switch as I love Tate Mode (currently level 40) but also play on PS4.

    My favourite PFX3 tables are: Doom, Jurassic World and American Dad.

    My favourite real table is Monster Bash.

    If you want to add me, my details are below -

    Switch: SW-7599-9178-1098
    PS4: Kev2018UK

    I look forward to getting more involved in the forums!

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    Hello from the UK

    there is also role playing where I have been lurking..... I am even a Mod in there, but yes i dont venture to far from the RPing cave for good reasons XD


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      Hello from the UK

      Hello there, all, Im a newbie here and I hope to have alot of fun here. *:3

      If anyone wants to add me to their YIM or MSN friends list, feel free to do so.
      I also like RPing mainly on Instant Messengers and Furcadia. I hope I can RP with a few of you sometime. :3