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    Hi, my name is David Pannozzo I live in Punta Gorda, Florida. I love Dance/Club Music and 80’s Music. I watch Horror/Sci-fi, Action/Adventure, and Comedy Movies. I Play Arcade Games, and Pinball Machines. I have 3 Consoles and a IPad Air 2, the Consoles are Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. I play Pinball in real life and Virtually on the Consoles and my iPad Air 2. I work as a Cashier at a Home Depot, well that raps it up for me for the time being, I will have a picture up as soon as I can find a good one. It’s nice to be here and I have been with the Pinball Arcade Forum for a long time, Ok let’s play Pinball.

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    Welcome! I'm a digital pinball only player (due to not living anywhere close to real tables) and am always very interested to hear how real table players experience FX3, especially the Williams tables. Looking forward to hear your input.
    XBox One Gamertag - PinStratsDan

    Pinball FX3 Tips & Strategy Guide YouTube Channel - PinStratsDan

    Discord server - PinStratsDan

    Twitter - PinStratsDan

    Facebook - PinStratsDan

    Cloda's somewhat vain and sort of self-indulgent thread


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      I have been playing Zen and Farsight for a long time. I liked how Zen made up their own games, I really thought that was really neat, and now with Williams and Bally tables it’s The Iceing On The cake. Farsight was the cream of the crock, because they made one real Pinball Table a Month and still going with Stern Pinball, Gottlieb/Premiere, and maybe Capcom in the future. I have a 100 Pinball Tables on my IPad Air 2, and PlayStation 4 from Farsight. If Farsight can’t afford to have tables from Stern because of Licensing Problems, I hope Stern decides to go to Zen Pinball, their new Pinball Games are incredible. Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (2019), I will be talking to you again sometime.