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Pinball at the Arcade

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  • Pinball at the Arcade

    Thought it might be cool to start a thread for people to share news, information and anything else related to pinball events, arcades, etc. We are hoping to organize a few community meet-ups in the near future, and will share information on those events here.

    Feel free to post links to your favorite arcades and tournaments. This is also a great place to ask for our support in sponsoring or supplying prizes for events.


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    pinball museum, Blackpool, UK ?

    Great idea to start a thread for real life events ect. Maybe one day the power of ZEN can bring more real tables back to arcades in the UK.

    Anyway to kick of i saw a news report that was interviewing a guy who wants to open a pinball museum in Blackpool, UK not heard anything more but some thing i will keep my fingers crossed that it happens


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      We were able to meet up with the guys from the Pacific Pinball Museum in Northern California during Google I/O, hoping to plan a community meetup and private tour of the museum. They have an amazing collection.


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        really cool idea but its so far away from europe

        but i know a grets arcade hall in germany. herre a link to this great pinball-hall in germany

        sry for my really bad english


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          i been wanting to visit the pinball hall of fame in lasvagas. i started watching spechal when lit: a pinball documentry
          feel free to add me in the wiiverse its FanOfMK20 and you can allways find me on facebook at:!/DerekColeman.


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            Pinball at the Arcade

            Hi Im Johan Brodd here, a new member. I saw the other day that the Future Pinball forums have vanished. When I try to access the forums all I get is a black window, when I use the links in the google cache they turn up ugly. So what happened to the forums? I wasnt that active member, but when I needed to ask a question then then it was the place to go.
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