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Pinburgh 2012 Match-Play Championship

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  • Pinburgh 2012 Match-Play Championship

    hello people, i want you all make aware of this event.. iam going to attend this show,. for me that will include a 10 hour flight as i am from europe,. but its worth every minute because i really love the place, i say its the mecca of pinball,. with more then 450 machines in 1 big place in pittsburgh pennsylvania, i hope any of you guys will show up there, if you wanna compete..

    sign up for it,. there are three divisions you can enter into.

    and check also the website.

    The Pinburgh Match-Play Championship is being held at PAPA March 30 through April 1, 2012, only 45 days from now. The total prize package exceeds $20,000!

    When Pinburgh was relaunched as the Match-Play Championship in the spring of 2011, we introduced a unique match play concept that ensures every player gets to compete for at least two full days. This structure was developed by Bowen Kerins, former World Pinball Champion, and is designed to accommodate players of all skill levels. Please read this quick overview of how Pinburgh works.

    Pinburgh is a completely open event with a single registration fee ($100) for each player. Token purchases go directly to charity, and in 2011, $12,550 was raised for the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society.

    Pre-registration is required, due to the match play nature of the tournament. Please note that we will not charge you until March 2012. You may also register on-site, but please arrive early on March 30!

    This is one of only two events where PAPA is open to the public. Players of all skill levels are welcome, as well as spectators. Whether you compete or not, you are welcome to browse the machines, play practice games (2 tokens per play), meet other players, and watch the tournament.

    There will be a custom, collectible token for Pinburgh attendees only; this ultra-rare token will be included in each roll of tokens sold at the event.

    For further details, please use the links to the right.

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    Wow thats an epic flight, we love to join you but I can't. Sound like an awesome event to say the least

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