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CastleStorm II Evolves our Hit Fortress-Felling Franchise for 2019

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  • CastleStorm II Evolves our Hit Fortress-Felling Franchise for 2019

    We amp up the castle-bashing destruction adding tactical strategy and a rich story to CastleStorm II. The sequel to the charming genre super-mashup CastleStorm arrives to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Epic Game store 2019!

    With an elevated emphasis on storytelling, CastleStorm II returns you to a classic fantasy land of medieval madness, rife with heroic knights, enchanting sorceresses, glorious griffins and more. But a new threat rises – literally…as in, from the grave. Killer zombies. Headless horsemen. All-around nasty necromancy. You get the picture.

    Each of six distinct campaign modes are represented by delightfully memorable heroic characters, as you strive to conquer an overworld map through a mix of turn-based strategy and skill in an upgraded take on traditional CastleStorm combat. You’ll build castles and fortresses – and eventually an entire empire – through gameplay structured to engage the hardcore strategy fan inside you, while also remaining accessible. And as the castles get bigger, they fall much, much harder – the destruction powered by the Unreal 4 engine enhances the visceral action.

    We have tons of stuff to tell you about CastleStorm II as we near release this year. Please visit and @CastleStorm2 through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information and content. To brush up on your ballista skill – play the original CastleStorm today on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®VR, Xbox One, Steam, PlayStation®Vita, Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation®3, Xbox 360, iOS and Android.

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    Is this still in the works for 2019?


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