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    I played it on my Samsung Tablet 7.7 and it ran great. I lagged once but that was during the storyline and didn't bother me. It's pretty fun and the graphics is nice but in my opinion, the aiming with the projectile can be somewhat difficult for arrows when trying to shoot enemy's troops. Another thing I didn't really like was how much this game is basically IAP throughout most of the items that I found in store. Although I haven't gotten far in the game, there would probably be some use of the golds that we get in game but overall, it's a great game.


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      I can't get past the tutorial. It locks up at the "Use the shooting frenzy to stop the Golem!" It locks up right after you select the welcome gift and then click the arrow on the left side, when it pans out to show the castle.

      I am guessing it has to do with my device(Galaxy Note i717) maybe it's running out of ram.


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        Works on my Moto X!

        First time the app opened it force closed, but after that opened just fine and played without any issues. Frame rate was consistent and smooth. Graphics looked very nice and were glitch free. I've only played the first mission as of right now, but so far so good!


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          Problems with Galaxy S2 Skyrocket


          The first time I opened the app it worked fine, it showed the intro animation, then the story about the war and the goddess, then a loading screen, but just after that the app closes automatically.

          This happens every time. I can't play the game at all.

          I'm testing it in a Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket with Jellybean 4.1


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            Testing on Xperia sp

            Hi from Spain!

            No problems installing, the first times that I tried to launch, the game crashed after loading stage for the tutorial. I changed settings in ram manager pro to gaming, but nothing.

            But after rebooting phone, the game works great! Awsome graphichs, Music and smoothness. The game runs 10/10, at least at the first two stages, later ill test the rest.

            I have an adreno 320, 1gb ram, and dual Core 1'7gh snapdragon krait. Runing stock 4.1.2(rooted), but waiting for the 4.3 update.

            Only to say that you made a great work, and Thanks for bringing such a great game for us.
            One more thing, the text and voices are English with a spanish phone, but when It says "headshot" , the text is in Spanish.


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              Absolutely brilliant!!!!

              Very well done. Love the graphics
              and mechanics, great story line and voice acting. The only bugs I have found thus far is, sometimes it becomes unresponsive to touch inputs, Like menu buttons and such. Once it is bug free it will be immensely popular. Fantastic job guys. Played on the Lg G2
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                Question about game mechanic

                I build a lot of recruitment offices, to increase my army, as the description says when im building my castle. I save the castle, and when playing it i can see it built, with the offices, but my maximum amount of troops is still at 6. Is it a bug, or the purpose of the offices is other?
                Btw I played a lot of missions, and the game is still running great.


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                  Same for me installed no problem. Occasionally it will instantly crash on the opening of the app, and also experienced a bug in the upgrade menu. The tap detection is a little off. U have to tap it on a certain little point just to select another item or weapon. But other than that excellent game , masterfully designed, beautifully Flowing graphics. Even on my 720p display .

                  Im running a Spring LG g Flex .
                  So the curved display really flows and looks different and a little more cinematic With this game. Compared to my other 720p phones. But all in all is going better than expected , So far .

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                    Thanks for all your feedback, everyone! All these details are very helpful!


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                      Just Installed

                      Hi All-

                      I just got the game installed last night on my Samsung Galaxy Tab3 10.1 and did not have any issues.

                      The only thing I ran into like another user, was how to move the main character around when he had to go and wipe
                      out the archers. Perhaps a small intro on how to control the character would help. Although experience from similar games helped me to figure it out.



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                        This android game SCREAMS Multiplayer! I mean seriously, if this had online multiplayer where I could build my own castle, like console version, then battle my friends or battle random player, wow, this game would certainly be first on top charts! Think about it?


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                          First Impressions


                          I'm running CastleStorm on a HTC One. Looks great and I had a ton of fun hurling missiles at the tutorial opponent castle
                          I was blown away by the animations and the interface was great looking. This title is top notch for a hand held device. I like games with the turret command aspect, and the combination of building destruction is really neat.

                          I few things I didn't like: being forced to use the "premium" currency. It's an easier pill for me to swallow if I just get a single free use of the special abilities. The advertising was too much, as I have discussed in the other thread. There have been a few crashes, but they didn't hurt my impressions of this title.

                          Keep up the great work.


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                            Note 3

                            I clicked on the notification for the daily reward and the game crashed after the opening zen scene. I opened it back up and it worked fine.

                            nm, I see this is covered in a separate thread and is actually an issue with starting in portrait mode.
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                              hey guys i installed castle storm on my HTC one X at the beginning i was able to play, (i was at home connect to wifi) but now that im not at home when i open it it starts crashing. is a cool game and i cant play it now, any ideas ?


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                                Game crashing on launching on HTC one!

                                Hello team,

                                I installed the game and then tried loading it on HTC one but to my disappointment everytime after the intro cut scene its crashing throwing the error 'Unfortunately ,castlestorm has stopped'. Let me know if you can fix this and can provide a new build with the fix.

                                Best wishes,