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[BUG] Game Breaking!!!

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  • [BUG] Game Breaking!!!


    So i'm sure many of you are playing this on your respective Tablet and i'm sure some may have more than one google account, i certainly do. Well after switching from one account to another, and then back, i have lost all my progress on this game, all my gems and all my coin i had saved for my upgrades, the only thing that has remained is the VIP status.

    For me this is unacceptable, especially considering that i am probably one of the first to donate/pay for the VIP/noads and the bonus i received with it, has gone, forcing me not only to restart, but without the bonuses i initially got.

    Can somebody please contact me about this.

    Henry Ford - "don't find fault, find remedy"

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    Can any moderator comment on this?

    It is very annoying that i have had to restart from scratch purely because i switched my google account to check emails.
    Henry Ford - "don't find fault, find remedy"


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      We are trying to reproduce this issue at our side now. I'm sure we will come up with a solution soon, and make an update. I'm sorry that you've lost premium currency - please contact me in PM, send me your google account address, and I will try to make it right.
      Tamas Balog
      Head of Studio
      ZEN Studios