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HTC Desire 500 - Android 4.1.2 Bugs and considerations

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  • HTC Desire 500 - Android 4.1.2 Bugs and considerations


    - Sometimes game doesn't start at first attempt
    - When returning from sleep game is closed and you have to restart the app from the beginning
    - Very big one. Game totally crashes when i try to launch this mission: River Skirmish. I don't think this is a network problem, because crash occurs also with wifi turned off. Game freezes after mission loading time, than my phone turns off and restarts automatically. I have the same problem with Sheep them all, but only with wifi on. Just these two missions for the moment.
    - Yeah. Sometimes, in the middle of the struggle, you press finger on screen like a dig...but nothing happens. Controls must be more responsive. Just a little bit.
    - I don't know if this is a bug or not, but I'm getting very nervous with castle menu and castle selection. I wanna use castle created by myself, but every time i launch the game Your Castle is the selected one.

    CONSIDERATIONS (based on what i've seen until now)

    - It's a good game, it's funny. I like it. The only weak aspect is castel system: too poor, i need more customizzations, more structural elements that really influence my castle resistance. You know what i mean: tower, walls etc. I just have to decide where place them, but there isn't a way to improve their effectiveness. Then, what is exactly the barracks function?? Their effect on gameplay is...?
    - I suggest to review these hero controls: turning and moving. Too bad, too complicated.


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    Thanks for your feedback! Some of those issues will be fixed in the next update coming soon, and we're looking into the others.

    Looking forward to further feedback!
    Tamas Balog
    Head of Studio
    ZEN Studios


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      You're welcolme.

      Now (after the update, version 1.6 of the game) i've problem with Bridge Blockade and this is more annoying, because it's the first time i come across a crash in a principal mission. I'm stuck now and i can't go further.

      The same as River Skirmish: game crashes as soons as Touch to continue appears in the loading screen.

      So...crash issue is still here, but well done with that update.
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        Hi there. Still crashing after the last update (version 1.17). Missions: Bridge Blockade, River Skirmish.

        WiFi on/off trick doesn't work. Game crashes in any case.

        I was thinking: all this crash issue could be related to data location in my phone? Castlestorm is divided between internal primary memory (just 32Kb) and USB Mass Storage (325Mb).


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          I don't think it has to do anything with the data location. We are still invastigation this issue, but we are unable to find a fix repro on any of our own devices.
          Tamas Balog
          Head of Studio
          ZEN Studios