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Force close with network.

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  • Force close with network.


    Playing for three days on Samsung Galaxy tab2 android 4.2.2. Tried to buy VIP pack last night but could not connect to server(?) Opened this morning to try again, game dropped to home screen after intro. Reinstalled after 5 attempts, then checked this forum. The game WILL run ok after turning off my wifi, but crashes again if I turn it on midgame.

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    Thanks for reporting, a fixed build just went out, should be downloadable within a few hours!
    Tamas Balog
    Head of Studio
    ZEN Studios


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      xperia sp 4.1.2 stock. Rooted

      With the new update, now i can login with Google play games, but the game now crashes while playing.
      It goes directly to home screen, without the error popout. Its happening to me since yesterday.
      Sometimes I can play two stages withot crashes, or three, but sometimes i have 3, 4 or 5 ingame crashes and then I can play some time. Now it happens with data, and in airplane mode.

      One more thing, the game still doesn't show any ad for me, and I dont have any adblocker or modding app.

      Edit: After trying many many Times, It keep exiting to home screen.
      The last thing I tried was rebooting, and seems to work. Now, it works with data plan, but still no ads.
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