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Gamescom Update: CastleStorm

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  • Gamescom Update: CastleStorm

    We have the latest CastleStorm update from Gamescom and a new batch of screenshots for you to check out, take a look at the blog, and don't forget to download some free CastleStorm wallpapers while you're there!

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    I'm just starting up my own small business which takes up almost all of my time. So I really need to give up gaming, which right now would be easy to do do if I'm honest.
    The only thing making it difficult is the thought of playing this game, I think it looks muddy brilliant!
    The main difference between this and a million and one other games, that have shown so much promise with trailers and screen shots from the early stages, is that its made by ZEN, who have yet to disappoint me with any of their titles.
    PS... on the subject of ideas for the game, have you thought of killer swans? We had one terrorising the locals recently, crazy thing with a truly evil look in its eyes. It even stole my tuna sandwiches! I still wake up screaming sometimes.