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troop progectile and spell breakdown

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  • troop progectile and spell breakdown

    Kingdom Strengths include the ability to protect key troops via healing and invulnerability spells. having cheaper air units and being able to utilize stone in more varying ways when building when compared to the Norse.

    while all troops and spells have there roles i will be putting an * beside troops and spells that could be considered key for the more common tactics utilized.

    harpoon* at level 10 it is still on a 1 second cd and has 30 damage
    the 2 most important functions of the harpoon are to kill troops and deflect enemy projectiles. at the max level there not bad for pushing a single stone out of the way but you wont likely be pulling castles down with this alone

    javelin burst while good for taking troops out its not very effective on castles and is best used for anti air or to shoot bombs and sheep/boars out off the air.

    morning star. its an all purpose projectile that is not especially good at anything. not bad. just not good.
    apple grenade* the cool down on this weapon is 20 seconds at level 10 and it deals a solid 90 damage. while paling in comparison to its Norse counterpart the apple grenade is to be respected and is essential in the destruction of enemy castles.

    Tri-Stone* every 25 seconds you can sling this stone threw the air dealing 90 per stone(3 stones for those that didn't know) just don't forget to split the rock. the hands down best anti troop projectile at the kingdoms disposal and one of its best anti castle weapons as well. a must have in siege warfare.

    Battering sheep* the cool-down at level 10 is only 82 seconds(not as long as it sounds) and this little lamb deals a whooping 180 damage when it hits. your best choice for ripping down a castle and if you pull a fury this is the projectile you wanna sling at your unfortunate enemy.

    potion of conversion* at max level you can steal one of the enemy's troops every 35 seconds. i don't know about you but i love having my enemy's troops turn on him....they clearly prefer to back the winning side. its a good idea to keep it ready against other kingdom players so if they turn your troop you can take him back.

    homing eagle. every 22 seconds this eagle hits the troop of your choice for a massive 180 damage. perfect for taking those dragons out of the sky so that you can shoot clearly

    the crystal beam. at level 9 it takes only 31 seconds to cool down and deals 40 damage. the real beauty in this weapon though is that every thing hit by it freezes and easily shattered with any hit. great for dealing with large groups of enemies or that one stubborn troll

    Sir Gareth and Sir Brutus are both good for taking out troublesome enemy toops.

    bless* at max level you can heal all the troops in a small area for 450 health

    heavenly swords. a strong attack magic that I've not leveled up yet.(i'll update shortly)

    holy shield* at max level this spell supply 10 seconds of invincibility for the troop of your choosing(flying troops excluded) every 60 seconds

    projectile shield** a must have. protect your troops and castle from all projectiles for 15 seconds at max level and its usable every 40 seconds

    guardian spirit every 2 minutes you can bring the guardian spirit to the battlefield to kill every enemy troop curantly spawned in

    i'll be adding troops after i do Norse projectiles and spells.