It's been quite a while since I posted on one of Zen's boards. No particular reason really, but to the point:

I was playing CastleStorm with my roommate over Live, gunning for the multiplayer achievements. We're only playing each other, and for some reason it stopped recording both our win/loss ratio and our "score" (I guess "score" means "exp").

It continuously says my win/loss ratio is 3/1, and his win/loss ratio is 1/3. I noticed this after playing over 10 games. We played a few more games and still nothing.

He got the Fear No One achievement by beating me, since I was level 2. But, now, neither of us will level at all, our scores won't even go up. So, now, I can't get Fear No One because he won't level and I, normally, only play online with him.

Basically, what are we doing wrong? And how do you build these scores/levels? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

*EDIT* Sorry. I should have mention this but, we're playing ranked matches, not player matches. We're entering the lobby and only accepting the game if we're both in the same lobby. I hope that clarifies.

*EDIT* My roommate figured it out. It must be some sort of fail-safe to prevent boosting. He played an online match against someone random, and his score went up. We played against each other again, and it went up for both of us. I'll leave this post as is, in case anyone else runs into this problem.