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[PC] Playing CastleStorm Campaign on YT and looking for MP Coop friends

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  • [PC] Playing CastleStorm Campaign on YT and looking for MP Coop friends

    Greetings friends!

    I'll cut to the chase right away: I registered here with two intentions, show you guys my playthrough of CastleStorm on Youtube and to gather some players to play with and against in Coop multiplayer!

    First thing's first; if you guys like watching other people play, take a look at my first vid of the game:

    Hope you like it, if you don't please tell me what to do to make it better!


    Secondly, I would like to have some CastleStorm players in my Steam friends list so please feel free to add me: Petard on Steam.

    If anyone wants to talk and play with me, I am a part of a community called the Realm( and we have a TeamSpeak server so you can register there and join our TS so we can talk and play.
    I would love to make some coop videos to show off the community a bit. I know I don't have a big audience but the game is fun and I bet the players are as well, extra videos won't hurt

    I might stream the game on Twitch as well if my bandwidth can handle the game on 720p (I refuse to stream non-HD stuff).

    All replies will be stored in the House of the Golden Dragon and praised upon the gods of fertility.
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    Hello there,I'm also looking for MP,add me on steam !my id is Feremir.
    See you !