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A wish for Local multiplayer options

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  • A wish for Local multiplayer options

    Hi, thank you for the game, I really like the the execution of the concepts. I would love to play this in local multiplayer with my friends on the PC. I do, however, notice that the local multiplayer mode has some issues, keeping it from being as enjoyable as it could be:
    If I upgrade assets, such as the ballista shots of a "faction" in single player, that asset is upgraded when I enter a local multiplayer session - so in order to play balanced, local multiplayer matches, I had to reset my completed campaign progress so that each faction could play at level 1. To make matters worse, the two players in a local multiplayer session shares any gold available for upgrades and the purchased upgrades are permanent.

    While playing local multiplayer matches with every upgrade at level 1 is fine, it's a pity I cannot play the campaign without skewering the balance towards a certain faction, or certain specific upgrades within the faction. It would for example be fantastic if, as an option, in local multiplayer, I could choose to not use the Campaign-upgraded factions and instead give each player a batch of coins to spend on non-persistent upgrades for that specific match.

    Best Regards