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Steam Account owned by another user?

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  • Steam Account owned by another user?


    Original post:
    I bought Castlestorm on Steam and when I launch the game it gives me a warning on the main menu saying:

    "Your steam account is owned by another user. Your stats will not be recorded on the leaderboards and you will receive no achievements while using this account."

    The game then sits on the loading screen and will not get into the menu.

    I have never seen this problem before and all of my other games work fine. Just this one is giving me problems. Anyone else had this happen to them yet?

    I have looked all over and haven't seen anything about this warning message. So any help would be appreciated.
    So I solved the problem right after I posted. Figured I would post the fix.

    I originally tried this game with a friend under his steam account on my PC. Then I bought the game under my account. The result led to a error on the menu and an infinite load screen.

    To fix this go to c:\Users\xxx\Documents\Zen Studios\Profile backup\xxx\profile.dat

    Delete the profile.dat and it will then work under your key.
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