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How to rework a balanced Ranked Multiplayer

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  • nobodyzero
    started a topic How to rework a balanced Ranked Multiplayer

    How to rework a balanced Ranked Multiplayer

    Problem: Gold that is earned in ranked multiplayer is carried over to the next match. Every level 1 newbie who plays a level 20 has absolutely 0 chance of winning, earns 500 gold tops, while the level 20 earns 7k and moves on. They become demoralized and quit the lobbies until they match up against a lower level.

    Solution: Change the Ranked Match gold to a preset number. Something like 100-200k. This makes every Ranked match strategic and fair

    Problem: Gold is permanently spent. Mistakes and poor decisions stick with you until you can dig yourself out of the whole by grinding more multiplayer matches. How many times have players wanted to ditch their golem to try a few matches with leveled artillery instead? Do you ever wonder what the other race is like? Starting over collecting gold is a massive undertaking and tiresome.

    Solution: Allow gold to be refunded and respent without penalty. Allow multiple builds to be saved and loaded. Allow preset gold amounts for each race instead of shared.
    • This encourages new and innovative strategies
    • Allows new players to jump into ranked play and be competitive immediately
    • Removes the "carrot on the stick" to collect gold and focuses on destruction or the flag