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Make "Herc's Adventure" !!!

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  • Make "Herc's Adventure" !!!

    I am the only one who keep thinking that Zen Studios could easily pull off a game like "Herc's Adventure" from PS1 ?!

    I freaking love the animation and the design of the game, it's magical and really enchanting and makes me happy! the colors!! i love it!!

    my suggestion to you Zen is to start on a new project that is similar to "Herc's Adventure" (if not the same title since LucasArts is out of the picture and no longer exist) you would totally make it amazingly beautiful is it meets the standards graphic of CastleStorm!

    Would love to hear from the fans here as well!!

    PS. here's a link to youtube page of the gameplay to save you sometime
    A play through of the Playstation game Herc's Adventures from Lucas Arts. I already played through the first part multiple times, but my computer kept eatin...