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  • Vita version suggestions/issues

    1) Editor.
    - Ticks for Rooms and Barracks that you already placed would be great. Like this:
    Currently to make sure that you have all the rooms (and barracks you want) you have to check every room visually...
    - When quiting editor check if castle was just saved and disable "are you sure?" warning in that case.
    - Redo (R + O)
    - More padding rooms (1x4, 2x2... even fully wooden ones would be fine. To maximize strength of the castle I shift each row of rooms by one block to the left. But it's really hard to do what I want, considering rooms different height). With Vikings it's even worse, since there're two rooms with exactly same dimensions

    2) Gameplay.
    - back touchpad (its y-axis) for precise aiming. Left stick is too sensitive (well, actuall there's no sensitivity since it controls aiming as 1:1) and up/down buttons are too slow. It wouldn't help in hard mode, but it should be really handy in normal (and, what is more important in multiplayer).
    - left/right dpad keys for switching selection (they are unused anyway). Dunno why, but it feels more natural than using L/R triggers.
    - activating spells with touch, just like with shooting
    - show troops/weapons/spells on screen at the same time. SP is so easy that it doesn't matter, but in multiplayer I find it hard to control everything simultaneously. Like spamming arrows, spawning troops and keeping track on spells cooldowns...
    For example I had such situation: I just shoot the bomb and my opponent have done the same. I want to take it down and have ~1.5 seconds to do so. I can't use other projectiles, since my bomb will explode instead. What I can use is that "wall" spell. So I pressed triangle, then choosed it using touchscreen while moving screen to the left using right stick, touched the ground near my castle (to place spell there) and pressed triangle. And I was late by fraction of second... If it was possible to choose spell in one touch and activate it in second one - it would be possible to do such tricks with ease.
    So I suggest adding such layout:
    That way buttons are easily accessible with thumbs, you can see all cooldowns and it allows using everything much faster.
    - projectiles actions available only when that projectile is selected. So you can shoot bomb, switch to regular arrows and forget about flying bomb (but now you'll just explode it in the air)
    - show trajectory regardless of availability of the projectile. So it would be posible to aim and shoot right when cooldown finishes (now I have to switch to first one, aim, and then switch back).

    3) Multiplayer.
    - fixed upgrades level (e.g. everyone has lvl 1, 5 or 10 of everything) and no gold. Please. Pretty please...
    Or upgrades lvl = MP lvl (up to 10). Or make them shared with SP.
    MP should be about strategy and skill, not about how long you play it.

    Also I had couple issues:
    1) In two missions "Bonus objective" text font is really small because line is too long.

    Line break in right place should fix it.
    2) If I compete the level that I had lower score than my friend and beat his score, then return to mission select and wait for scores to load (top 5 friends box) game crashs. If I switch immediately to another lever then this doesn't happen. But if I switch back and wait for it to load - game crashes.
    I've sent some reports to SCE, I guess you can get them...

    P.s. I'm really impressed with the game

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    I agree with the left analog stick aiming. probably a good use for the rear touchpad. also the loading screens seems to be rather long. it seems to be longer than zp2 loading screens.


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      PLEASE let me aim the ballista with dpad. the analog control is way to sensitive and annoying to try to be precise with.

      my ony real issue so far is theres no customizing controls. just let me use my dpad please or at least le me inrease the sensitivity of the dpad so its useable.


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        I will keep it in mind thanks for sharing the information.