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  • Suggestions to Improve Castle Storm Experience

    Hi Everyone,

    I had some suggestions to improve the castle storm experience (hopefully developers have the chance to read this
    and others' comments on this forum; and I hope they consider them in the development of future downloadable content and/or
    future castle storm games).

    I would like for the game to have a few versus maps (in multiplayer) where players fight over objectives (similar or different to those in campaign). These objectives could include, recruiting sheep/pigs for your ballista (this would be funny), capturing gold bags, capturing a strategic place in between the castles (or two places; the player who spent the most time controlling this location wins or another way could be decided to determine who wins). A few other objectives could be to capture and defend an agent as he/she approaches your castle after capturing (until he/she is captured by the other player). Another objective could be to capture turkeys in nets (so the ballista would have another function, where it can fire a net to capture the turkeys and units have to retrieve these) and bring them back to the castle.

    Another interesting add-on to a versus map is if the ballista can actually be destroyed and repaired after 30 seconds from its destruction (it would help players out who like to focus more so on capturing the enemy flag, rather than destroy the enemy castle).

    Overall, the game shines through being able to create your own castle. It also shines when defending your castle and either striving for either objective to win with a variety of units, spells and ballista functions. The humour included in the game is great too.

    If you have any suggestions for improvements to the game, feel free to post constructive suggestions.

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    Thanks for your feedback I will make sure the team sees it! Btw, what platform are you on?


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      You're welcome! and Thank you for passing it onto them! I do appreciate it.

      I play Castle Storm on PC (Windows).