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Does everything unlock with stars in time?

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  • Does everything unlock with stars in time?


    I'm playing the Android version of CastleStorm. I'm unsure if that makes a difference, but just in case I wanted to mention it.

    I was wondering if I just keep playing, does everything unlock by gaining stars in time?

    Do all troops, rooms, weapons, and spells unlock in time just by playing?

    Specifically I'll name one to ask about too - the Battering Sheep (sheep catapult thing), does that eventually unlock in time with stars or do we need to pay gems for it?

    If there are some things that do not unlock, which are they?

    Do the slots we put spells and troops etc in unlock too or do we always have to buy 4 & 5?

    When I finish the first campaign, will the next one (Welcome to Vikingland) unlock or do I need to buy it with gems?

    I don't mind spending gems, I even bought the VIP pack when I first started, I'm just trying to find out what I have to pay gems for and what I can wait to let unlock by itself in time. Usually games are too easy if I pay to unlock stuff early and I want to face the correct challenge level that the game was made to be at and earn whatever I can.

    Is there a list somewhere of what unlocks at what level or star amount somewhere?

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    - the last two weapons/troops/spells/rooms can only be unlocked by gems, they won't unlock by getting stars
    - the 4th slot need to be unlocked for gold, the 5th for gems. They won't unlock otherwise
    - the locked campaigns can be unlocked by playing through previous campaigns. No need to spend gems on them
    - you can get unlimited amount of gems for daily rewards and the weekly VIP reward. You can also get discount coupons for item unlocks, up to 75% gem price reduction

    We have not released official unlock list.
    Tamas Balog
    Head of Studio
    ZEN Studios