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CastleStorm Definitive Edition Suggestions!

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  • CastleStorm Definitive Edition Suggestions!

    Hey guys! When I saw the Definitive edition update on the Castlestorm website and I fell in love!
    I have some Ideas that I suggest to be present( or some form of them) And I hope the Developers of the game have a look at this and tell me what they think!!!( Love you guys )

    Suggestions for the Castle Editor:
    - larger variety of rooms and tower parts
    - Every Castle has Large halls and a throne room.

    Gameplay Suggestions:-

    - I AM REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY JEALOUS OF THE CPU FOR THEIR OP SOLDIERS/TROOPS AND HEROES AND I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THEM!!!( the soldiers/heroes with the stars) and I have thought out a couple of ways of enabling/allowing the players to get them!

    Method 1:-
    Once the player upgrades his soldiers/heroes to level 10, he has the option to return the level of his soldier/hero back to 1 ( at a really expensive cost, 50000-100000 gold). If he decides to do so, the soldier/hero will require more food to summon, but will have stronger stats than a normal soldier/hero ( this soldier/hero will now have a star).The upgrades to this soldier/hero are more expensive but give more stats per each individual upgrade ( double or triple the amount). This would allow players to have the super soldiers/heroes ( the ones with the stars) but would be very difficult to get them and would require more food to summon them.

    Method 2, the Handicap method ( and my personal favorite and what I strongly recommend):-
    Method 2 is simply using Handicaps. This is in Local Multiplayer ( and even Online multiplayer, because why not :P) and in Skirmish, were the player can increase or decrease the handicap to any of the sides with the normal handicap level is 0%. Increasing the Handicap, reduces the amount of gold that the player gets, but increases the strength of the player's troops and magic. The maximum handicap is 200% were the player's soldiers and heroes, are 200% stronger ( so if they had 100 melee attack damage, they would have 300 now), the player's troops now have stars in their health bar to show that they are handicapped. The player with 200% handicap will get 0 gold from everything, and with 100% handicap will get half the original amount. Players could also increase the handicap for the CPU in Skirmish which would increase how much gold they earn. Players are also able to decrease their handicap to make it negative, with a maximum of -50% handicap, were the soldiers/heroes have half the health and deal half the damage, but the player would earn 50% more gold per kill. ( players with negative handicap would have a skull sign on their troop's health bar). I personally prefer this one because it gives the player more control on how powerful his soldiers are, and you know high risk high reward, and no risk, well, no reward .

    As I mentioned before, I prefer the Handicap method, and I would love you guys if you add this into the game, and would pay more than enough to get the handicap feature into the game! THANKS!
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    I have one more thing to suggest, and that is a spell that allows the player to take control of a soldier on his side ( any type of soldier) and play with him on the field.


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      Any opinions? comments? Zen? anybody??