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PS Vita version Ballista control issues

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  • PS Vita version Ballista control issues

    Purchased this game when I bought a PS Vita a few months ago but immediately stopped playing because of the awkward ballista controls. Recently came back and thie issue is still there.

    The left control stick is very unresponsive for the ballista, menu controls and castle builder. Most of the time pushing the left control stick in a direction doesn't even register, as though it's faulty, very troublesome when trying to aim for those headshots and for moving the cursor around menus or trying to place down structures in castle builder mode. It's killing the enjoyment of the game and very frustrating when I have to keep spamming the left control stick to make it do something.

    But I know the left control stick is fine as there is no issues with any other game I have installed on the Vita and it's very responsive in driving games or for making characters walk then gently run as you push further with the control stick. I've seen some reviews of this game on Vita and there's mention of the awkward ballista controls. Will this get fixed please? I own this brilliant game on Steam but I gladly purchased it again so I could play it on the go.

    This happened to anyone else?

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    Srácok istencsászár a játék! Most toltam végig egyszerüen fantasztikus!