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Castles torn 2 coming?

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  • Castles torn 2 coming?

    As the title mentions, are we to expect a sequel to castlestorm?
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    Originally posted by firas View Post
    As the title mentions, are we to expect a sequel to castlestorm?
    If we did - what kind of things would you want to see in a sequel?


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      2 things in particular:
      *I would like to see new units or factions with unique abilities and projectiles, because it was fun to find out what the norse had in their arsenal during the campaign.
      *No npc exclusive units or upgrades. Those insane high unit levels (lvl 25 vs lvl 10) should be accessible to the player, at least make them unlockable. Its because it makes the game repetitive and no longer about strategy, the hero and units become useless, and only the freeze and thunder spell or convert projectiles are useful. During coop it makes the person that plays the hero in survival get 1 shotted

      And maybe mod support? :P
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        Easy ideas to help people find multiplayer opponents

        I have never found a multiplayer opponent, I own this game on PC. Here are some very easily implemented ideas to improve the multiplayer search.

        Make a option to search for multiplayer games while playing single player.

        Expand the realms, if you have euro, asia, USA. Put them all together.

        Make a option so we can search for multiplayer games and have castlestorm popup when we find a opponent and make a loud noise. So we can browse the web or even play another game while we wait.

        I love this game and I hate that I cannot enjoy the multiplayer.

        Cross platform?