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Lost all my game progress, please, help :(

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  • Lost all my game progress, please, help :(

    Hi, guys, I need admin help, please.

    Btw, English is not my native language, so I appologise for possible grammar mistakes in advance.

    So, up until today I was playing Castle Storm on my IPad, using my Facebook account with [email protected] e-mail to cloud save my game.

    Recently I was playing mostly multiplayer, and today suddenly my game started to crash as soon as I log into multiplayer lobby. Restarting iPad didnÂ’t help, and I decided to reinstall the game (since I was sure that my progress was saved in the could). That was a big mistake....

    After I reinstalled the game, I used my Facebook email and password to sync the game, but all my recent progress was lost! The game state was a few weeks old, when I had no progress. So I lost all my upgrades, campaign progress, no-advertisement pack, plus some stuff which I unlocked for gems (golems, trolls, sir brutus, vicking chief - donÂ’t remember his name).

    And it didnÂ’t even fixed a problem with multiplayer crash....

    A few hours later (right now) I logged back to see that multiplayer crash problem is gone, but the progress is still lost.

    I attach a screenshot with my bill for no-advertisement pack (I can translate it if needed) to prove my story, it has transaction number and date: 08.04.2019

    What can I do to get my progress back?

    I was really enjoying the game....